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Contract manufacturing of softgel capsules and liquid forms

We focus on the production of high quality softgel capsules and products in liquid form.

For our customers we want to be a trusted partner. Partner who is serious about customer service, supports him in their daily work with professional counseling and good communication that provide timely and complete information in detail.

Experienced and fully committed team of our employees.

The production of high quality softgel capsules is very complex process and apart from a vast knowledge about raw materials it also requires a lot of experience and intuition.

Cutting edge technology is important. But more importantly we at Curtis value commited, well-trained staff with love for the product, know-how and the will to share this experience with young new employees.

Curtis is financially stable and focused on long-term growth.

Neither large corporation, nor a financial investor controls Curtis.

Behind Curtis stand businessman with many years
of experience in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and food supplements, as well as the production of softgel capsules and liquid forms.

Our factory corresponds to the most modern technical standards.

Our plant was built in 2011. The space of 8000 m2 includes production area, attached pharmaceutical warehouse (3 temperature zones and 5000 pallet places) and a development reserve that allow
a customer-focused, long-term growth.

Pre-installed connections and own personnel allow for rapid expansion of our capacities.

Our well-equipped laboratories,
competent staff and cooperation with most
of the local universities ensure
high quality of our services.

Several laboratories with the latest technology (AAS, FT-IR, GC, HPLC, UV - VIS) and experienced personnel allow Curtis to perform a variety of analyzes in-house including microbiology and stability tests.

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