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Contract manufacturing of softgel capsules and liquid forms

Our plant

  • 14000 m2 of total usable space
  • 8000 m2 of current production space
  • 800 m2 of expansion reserve (in house) with options of rapid expansion thanks to existing infrastructure
  • 5 high power lines with a capacity of around 1.5 billion (10 oval) softgel capsules
  • R&D line for small batches, encapsulation tests and clinical trials
  • Multi-purpose packaging line designed for packaging various liquid forms in glass and plastic bottles in volumes from 5 ml to 1 000 ml
  • Mixers for the preparation of fill and gelatin shell
  • Dedicated line for packaging in containers and jars
  • Blistering line (blistering machine and cartoning machine)
  • Air-conditioned high-bay warehouse with 3 temperature zones
    (2-8°C, 8-15°C and 15-25°C) for 5000 pallet places.
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